Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eight Tracks and Bookstores. I'm so hip.

I'm currently sitting in a Starbucks inside of Barnes and Noble in Tulsa due to the fact that the apartment I will be staying at tonight has no WiFi. The pain I go through to spend a night with my best friend, Alexis Sixkiller.

That's her! She's been my bfflcopter since '07.

We had a fantastic evening on the town. We went to the mall and got some new stuff at Forever 21.

I got a new dress, some knee-high socks, a new necklace, a blue skirt and some much needed sunglasses! We then went to Marshall's to use Alexis' gift card. Shortly after we went to PetSmart and bought two goldfish. We named them Regina and Eugene. They will die soon. Sad Panda.



After going home to her apartment and eating quesadillas we came to Barnes and Noble to take blog pics and talk over coffee about how hipster we seem.

I'm drinking a tall Americano with cold soy. (Thanks to Callie Burrows for showing me to this delicious vegan drink! You can check out her Tumblr here.
Speaking of Tumblr! I got one myself! I decided to use an alter ego by the name of Agatha Pritchard. You can see my tumblr here.

These are my new combat boots! I also got my mustard coat, lace socks, and a new microwave! I had a great Christmas!

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