Thursday, December 2, 2010

French Trolls, Laryngitis, and AnnoyingAsHell Managers.

Here we go... So I actually had a marvelous day today, emphasis on the DAY part. I must say I loved my outfit, it was actually survivable weather, and I had my first "Blog Pic" day. Jordan, Sarah, Ellie, and Callie all looked super frikken cute. Then I had to go to work... where about thirty minutes after arriving, I couldn't talk! I mean i sounded like a twelve year old that had just hit puberty. I was all squeaky, and it sucked so bad, because I work as a cashier where I have to talk to people all day, answer the phone, and talk over the P/A system. I sounded like Mickey Mouse getting punched in the testicles.


The worst part was that my managers thought I was faking it to try and get off work early... I mean, really?! Why would I do that?! I need all the hours I can get considering I just got done with a show and haven't been able to work, meaning I'm broker than broke...Dub. Tee. Eff. 

So, then I thought " Oh well...I'll just go home and upload these marvelous "Blog Pics" from today and blog til' I feel better!" ....but wait, I DON'T HAVE A FREAKING CARD READER. Annnd I NEED these pics for school tomorrow, as well as others on my camera for A drama journal, and Tiger Tv... so at work I tried to put them on a CD and buy it to transfer, but BEHOLD!
enter dick of a manager from above.

"Mah, Mah, Maaaah....I'm a BUTTHEAD!"

Okay... he didn't actually say that... bu he tried to tell me he couldn't select photos to put on a disc because the machines wouldn't let him, which is just a bunch of BS, and I was trying to tell him how...but...


So, I went to Wal-Mart to try...and the photo dept. was closed. Awesome.

So in conclusion, I have no pics for tomorrow at school, nor do I have blog pics. Nor can I talk. 

This. Is. What. I. Feel. Like. 

Goodnight World. Bee. Tee. Dub. Adorable Blog pics will be up tomorrow. Promise. (:

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