Saturday, December 4, 2010

Make- up Blogging.

 Good Morning Bloggers!!!!
Okay, so here are the pictures from Thursday that I promised! To the left and at the bottom of this post is the Lovely Miss Jordan Wilson.

"That's not smittens..."
 And here again is Sarah, she's so delicate and beautiful.
I love her attention to detail in all of her outfits.
But, so complex :)

Gorgeous <3
 She finds the best shoes... I need to learn from her. I have NO shoes.

"I don't wear shoes...?"
 The nicest person you'll ever meet, Ellie!!!
She's so pretty and nice, she's like a mother figure to me! :)

 I love the pattern of this top and the marvelous earrings!

                This is Thursday's outfit.

I must say, I love this outfit. I felt creative putting it together.

"You look like a little French sailor!"
                                                                            Tights from online :)
I'll never be good at the whole "Blog Pic" posing thing. :)
 Necklace : Forever 2
This is Callie and Sam, two peas in a pod! And Herbivores! yay!

                                                                Ellie and Sarah at Lunch!
 Callie Burrows.
Nice Boobs.

                                                                     Oh, she's smart too. Awesome.
 The Miss I mentioned above, Jordan Wilson!
                                                              So freaking gorgeous.
                                                         All of these are 100% unedited.

She's Tall, Pretty, and has the most amazing outfits.
Need I say more?
                                  Gloves. That. I. Want.

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