Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Underneath My Christmas Tree?

Light Mustard  Double-Breasted Coat.
Forever 21.

Mustard is my favorite color. I don't know why. I just love it a lot. This coat is chic and beautiful. I love it. The buttons are eye catching without detracting from the coat itself, The sleeves and two pockets give is a classy, casual look.

Lace Socks.


I saw these lace socks on Hot Tub Time Machine, I haven't 
stopped thinking about them since.

Kalanchoe Blooms Dress. Modcloth.

Doc Marten

                                                                                                                       My love for ModCloth is the only true love I've ever had. The down side? Too expensive! Luckily! My great Aunt from Texas offered to make me dresses! She used to sew for her sisters and herself when she was a little girl, and even used to make me clothes when I was living in Texas. She said she's get my measurements after Christmas and start on some right away! I'm so excited!

Floral Tights. Somewhere on ebay.
I wish I could say something original and cool about the Docs, but I can't. To be honest, I didn't know what they were until a couple of Fashionable ladies wore them and I fell in love. I would wear knock-offs of these. I just want some combats.

Mustache. Gloves.?
They're actually home-made!
I found them on this girl's blog,

She's quite fashionable, I'm making myself some of these gloves.
Microwave/Minifridge duo?!
Ready for college!!!!!!

As for the tights. God, they are beautiful. I love tights. Cheaper than pants! Prettier than pants! Win!

I have no idea.
I'm so ready for college. The first half of my senior year is done, and the second half is sure to pass just as quickly. I will for sure need this little booger. God, I love Target.

Don't ask where I found these stockings, because I do not know. All I know is that I want them. Now.

And now...for the grand finale, The dress that I find to be the most beautiful dress on the planet. I will never get to own you, but I still consider you a child of mine. This amazing, Absolutely stunning Monarch Butterfly Dress by Luly Yang has even graced the cover of Couture magazine.

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