Sunday, January 2, 2011

Much Needed Uploading, Secret Mice, and 2011.

Oh hey there. So, my friends always see me with my nice camera, and they're like "Meredith, you never upload! Blah, Blah, BLAH!" Well, truthfully, I don't. The reason being that I don't have a card reader, so I have to use the desktop computer at my house to upload, and I'm like NEVER home, and when I am, I'm curled up in my bad on my laptop :) So, to my friends. I am currently uploading pictures to Facebook. I'm also putting some pictures I've taken over the last few months to this blog. So enjoy the trip down memory lane as we go into 2011. One of my New Years' Resolutions is to NOT let my camera's SD card reach its full capacity before uploading pictures...maybe just halfway...:)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas break. Mine consisted of sleeping and working. I worked open to close on Christmas day and I am patiently awaiting the rather large check that is headed my way. It will be nice to drive without the feeling of "I could run out of gas any second now..."

For Christmas I received a microwave and money for new clothes. It was a joy to spend on nice things just for me. Sometimes a girl just needs to shop, alone. For her.

The purpose of the microwave? College. Which could not get here faster. I graduate high school in five months. I remember being a kid in middle school and being referred to as 'The Class of 2011', and I always thought it sounded so far away... like space...have I mentioned just how much I hate space? A lot. It's freaky...a lot like the future. Not that I hate the future. I have a plan, I just hate not being confident that everything will be okay. I mean I know it will...but do I really know anything? No. So maybe, I'm not scared of the future, space, or ostriches...but more or less intimidated by their power. They all have the power to change everything. Except Ostriches....those are just...hmph.

Sometimes I wonder about faith. I wonder what I believe in. People around here have this elite "love for God" that sometimes I wish I could possess a love that strong for something...anything...but I can't. I can't love like I want to. I did love, I have loved, and I will love again, just not now. I just can't. I don't even know who I am. I really miss my mother. I know the very few people that actually read this have heard my "dead mom" jokes. And yes, I do play the card a lot. But most of the time it's to cover up how much it hurts. She really was a fantastic woman. She loved AC/DC, Lynard Skynard, ZZ-Top, and Bad Company. Dr. Dre was our thing. We used to always cruise around our tiny town with the windows down blaring Dr. Dre. And she would let me say the bad words. People didn't understand us, and in society it is often frowned upon to allow your nine year old daughter to know all of the words to Colt 45, but it's not society's business what my momma and I did in our spare time, now is it? She loved me, she gave me food, water shelter. We'd talk about boys, wrestling, and Oprah. She was my mom. And most of you take yours for granted. I don't have a family anymore. But, it has prepared me on how to make my own. I cannot wait to be a mother. It's my dream in life. Sure, I gotta go through all this school, college, job stuff just to survive long enough to afford a family, but it's worth it. I was forced to let go of my mother at an early age. I never knew my father, and my closest relatives were my second cousins by marriage. But, that's just fine and dandy, I'm happy and ready for my future. I know it will be a good one. And maybe I don't believe in much, or love...but I'm believed in...and loved unconditionally by her. Always, no matter what you think of God, she's here. Whether she's a figure of my very bright imagination, or a "guardian angel", she's mine. She got me where I am. She and my Nan, who dies three moths before her, and was the structure in my life. She taught me to care for others more than I care for myself. I'd give the world to thank these two fine women. Some of you should thank yours. Momma, Nan, I made it. I'm grown up and I see the big picture. I love you and I thank you for everything you ever did for me in the short nine years I had you. Even the spankings. Those sucked, but I needed them. I hope I'm doing a good job at this whole life thing. I like to think I am.

Now that I am done being all nostalgic, I had a marvelous Christmas break. I slept a lot and spent a lot of time with my Great Aunt (whom I refer to now as Grandma), we baked a lot of cookies, watched weird shows on The Food Network and The Science Channel til' 3 am every night, and talked about things we did together when I was a kid. Those are my favorite stories. I was a weird child. Not much has changed.

About my outfit here. Yes, I wore this skirt two days ago. I will also wear this skirt at school tomorrow. Boo school. Yay new skirt. I like it. no I did not wash it nor did I spill stuff on it or pee my pants, therefore I have no reason not to wear it again. Ha.

These were taken at the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa. I went there a few days ago with Callie, Thomas, Sofi, Sam(boy), and Kelsey. They are marvelous. It was marvelous. First time being there, and I loved it.

The new combats! No, they aren't Doc Martens, but they were 6 dollars. So I bought them and used the other 44 dollars to but other things, like my new red skirt. You may have seen me wear it, maybe not.

Callie was my photographer for the day. The pictures turned out wonderful. thank you my lady.

These are my new Bambi earrings. Aren't they precious? I love Disney Movies. They always make me cry, and I love crying. It's a thing I do often. But I am in no way depressed by that fact.

Skeleton Gloves

The lovely couple Sam Regan and Callie Burrows. They are twins. Vegan, Long hair, and oh so skinny. Perfect for one another. I adore them.

It's getting close to midnight, and school starts back up tomorrow. I better get to bed. I can't wait to see everyone at school tomorrow. I've missed friends and people. And of course Mrs. Nichols and her bright, shining, face. I'm sure she can't wait to see us :) Musical try-outs in one week! I need to pick a song! Comment your suggestions. I'm an Alto and the musical we are doing is Little Shop of Horrors. Goodnight Lovers and Haters.
I think ass is fine!

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