Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blue Tights, Cosmo, Silence, and a Cup of Tea.

Today was long, but good for the most part. I was brave, and wore bright blue tights with a mustard cardigan. When I first put it one I was like, "what the hell Meredith?" But, the longer I stared at it, the more I liked it, so I just went for it, and ended up liking it.

And, as for the necklace... well it used to look kind of like this...
 But his body kinda fell off, so I plan on turning him into a this!

Other than my outfit, I went to school...still have Laryngitis... awesome. I couldn't talk all day and it sucked because talking in my fav. Fo sho. After school, We had a short Thespian Club meeting ( Thespians are actors, dummy ), then I went to get ready for work at my boyfriends house. His name is William, here he is!  He's a Bodybuilder, and a sweetheart, I love him and he makes my day so much better when I see him. He also works at Target, one of my favorite places to shop!!! :)

Then off to work I went, with Laryngitis. For most of the night, I was fine. They had me working in the stockroom, but later on they put me on the front register where I squawked my way through the last of my shift. 
These are two of my really good friends: Sarah Dickenson, the most beautiful girl at Broken Arrow. ( you can check out her blog here

And, Cody Lusby, an Herbivore with great passion and drive to succeed. He is an amazing friend, and a great role model!

I am now home, drinking a cup of hot herbal tea, working on a research paper for AP Lit, and reading the most addictive thing in the world, Cosmo. 

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