Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Holidays.

Yesterday was pay day, and I spent just about all of it on gifts for the people I love most in life. I went shopping with my best friend, Alexis Sixkiller. We hit the mall first and it was crazy busy, but still tons of fun. I even foumd some new things for myself, such as...the lace socks I wanted!!!! I got them at icing as well as a new ring, and two new pairs of tights. SO excited. Today is the eve of Christmas eve an I have to work for the next five days in a row, even Christmas :(

Icing (NEW!)

I've always loved Christmas, but I usually relate it to snow... this is what Tulsa, OK looks like on Decmeber 22nd. Crazy. And, they say we're supposed to have a white Christmas. Oh, bipolar weather.

Ring from Icing (NEW!)
  Shoes and Tights were a Christmas gift from Miss Sarah Dickenson!

Lace long sleeved that I wear a lot.

Two of my favorite owls, Donatello and Michaelangelo, yes I name all of my owls. It just got to the point twhere I had so much owl jewlry I had to start distinguishing them by name.

And, this is my car, Sam. He was born in 2001 and came out of the closet as a gay Nissan Xterra last year. He is my baby, and I love him dearly. He is helping me with an advertising campaign.

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