Monday, December 20, 2010

Ostriches, Space, Big Eared Bats, and a Sinning Jesus-Girl.

So, you know how I talk about how I loathe space. Well, this is why. It makes me think. About shit like this....HOLYSHIT.

On another note, I'd like to apologize for neglecting you, blog world. I have been so freaking stressed about the final Fall semester of my High School career.
But, today was marvelous. I woke up. It was Monday, and I thought...woah. I have NOTHING to do today!
...Nothing. It was so fantastic, that I went back to sleep!
Shortly after, I called The Lovely Miss Jordan Wilson, and she, Katie Moreland and I all went Christmas shopping. And it was the best day ever. Not because of the shopping, but because we went to Taco Bell and got food, and while eating it at a park we saw Kristen Long and a boy sucking face. I mean like....sharing a blanket and oodlecanoodling each other. They didn't even leave room for Jesus! It was fantastic.
I love Christmas break.
But, I still hate space.
And ostriches. Just look at the stupid fuck...

Oh! And! This break I have a project for Environmental Science on an endangered animal. I got the Ozark Big Eared Bat!

Check. This. Fierce. Bitch. Out.

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