Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eight Tracks and Bookstores. I'm so hip.

I'm currently sitting in a Starbucks inside of Barnes and Noble in Tulsa due to the fact that the apartment I will be staying at tonight has no WiFi. The pain I go through to spend a night with my best friend, Alexis Sixkiller.

That's her! She's been my bfflcopter since '07.

We had a fantastic evening on the town. We went to the mall and got some new stuff at Forever 21.

I got a new dress, some knee-high socks, a new necklace, a blue skirt and some much needed sunglasses! We then went to Marshall's to use Alexis' gift card. Shortly after we went to PetSmart and bought two goldfish. We named them Regina and Eugene. They will die soon. Sad Panda.



After going home to her apartment and eating quesadillas we came to Barnes and Noble to take blog pics and talk over coffee about how hipster we seem.

I'm drinking a tall Americano with cold soy. (Thanks to Callie Burrows for showing me to this delicious vegan drink! You can check out her Tumblr here.
Speaking of Tumblr! I got one myself! I decided to use an alter ego by the name of Agatha Pritchard. You can see my tumblr here.

These are my new combat boots! I also got my mustard coat, lace socks, and a new microwave! I had a great Christmas!

Everything's Bigger in Texas.

...except my boobs. Sad face.

Ohhhh, today. Today was fantastic. I took a roadtrip with my uncle and grandma to take her home to my old hometown in Vernon, Texas. It's so obscure you've never heard of it. Hipster to the max. My grandma has been at our house since mid November to visit. We took my car and the trip was so fun. Uncle Billy sure can be a fun guy. Here is a short list of the life lessons I learned today.
  1. If FAFSA doesn't cover the majority of my tuition to SC, I have parental consent to make and sell crack cocaine, in fact, it is a suggestion, and my uncle knows people who would make great customers...a.k.a...grandma. 
  2. In the event that I one day stop liking boys and convert to lesbianism, my uncle supports my decision, as long as he gets pictures, and any adopted children he will box up and send them back to wherever the hell they came from.
  3. To avoid using turnpikes that were "built by the communists", we should always take Route 66. And SH-99, SH-62, SH-44, and every other highway to possibly get on to avoid the communists. Always.
  4. My uncle is okay with underage drinking as long as it includes bad-ass cars, cool hair, Lynard Skynard, and strip poker, you know...cool stuff.
  5.  When traveling on an old dark highway while low on gas always tell a zombie joke. Always. Zombies are scary motherf***ers, and are nothing to be messed with...except by my uncle, who is so awesome that he will "walk all over the zombies like Jesus walked on water."
I think he is a great parent, no joke. I say some things about this family that I don't always mean...sometimes in life we don't really realize we have something great until it's gone. I'll be moving in less than a year, far less. And far away. To my wonderful, loving family...Thank you. You guys may be stubborn, hard-headed Republicans, but you guys got some mad love for me, and the feelings there are mutual. Though you all probably don't know what mutual means. If it wasn't for this family I would not be where I am today, they have given me opportunities that I could have never dreamed, and they especially become apparent to me when I go to my hometown and see where all my old friends are in life. Right where I left them. I'm outta here, I has me some dreams an' I'ma go fetch'm.



Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Holidays.

Yesterday was pay day, and I spent just about all of it on gifts for the people I love most in life. I went shopping with my best friend, Alexis Sixkiller. We hit the mall first and it was crazy busy, but still tons of fun. I even foumd some new things for myself, such as...the lace socks I wanted!!!! I got them at icing as well as a new ring, and two new pairs of tights. SO excited. Today is the eve of Christmas eve an I have to work for the next five days in a row, even Christmas :(

Icing (NEW!)

I've always loved Christmas, but I usually relate it to snow... this is what Tulsa, OK looks like on Decmeber 22nd. Crazy. And, they say we're supposed to have a white Christmas. Oh, bipolar weather.

Ring from Icing (NEW!)
  Shoes and Tights were a Christmas gift from Miss Sarah Dickenson!

Lace long sleeved that I wear a lot.

Two of my favorite owls, Donatello and Michaelangelo, yes I name all of my owls. It just got to the point twhere I had so much owl jewlry I had to start distinguishing them by name.

And, this is my car, Sam. He was born in 2001 and came out of the closet as a gay Nissan Xterra last year. He is my baby, and I love him dearly. He is helping me with an advertising campaign.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Underneath My Christmas Tree?

Light Mustard  Double-Breasted Coat.
Forever 21.

Mustard is my favorite color. I don't know why. I just love it a lot. This coat is chic and beautiful. I love it. The buttons are eye catching without detracting from the coat itself, The sleeves and two pockets give is a classy, casual look.

Lace Socks. Superdeal.com


I saw these lace socks on Hot Tub Time Machine, I haven't 
stopped thinking about them since.

Kalanchoe Blooms Dress. Modcloth.

Doc Marten

                                                                                                                       My love for ModCloth is the only true love I've ever had. The down side? Too expensive! Luckily! My great Aunt from Texas offered to make me dresses! She used to sew for her sisters and herself when she was a little girl, and even used to make me clothes when I was living in Texas. She said she's get my measurements after Christmas and start on some right away! I'm so excited!

Floral Tights. Somewhere on ebay.
I wish I could say something original and cool about the Docs, but I can't. To be honest, I didn't know what they were until a couple of Fashionable ladies wore them and I fell in love. I would wear knock-offs of these. I just want some combats.

Mustache. Gloves.?
They're actually home-made!
I found them on this girl's blog,

She's quite fashionable, I'm making myself some of these gloves.
Microwave/Minifridge duo?!
Ready for college!!!!!!

As for the tights. God, they are beautiful. I love tights. Cheaper than pants! Prettier than pants! Win!

I have no idea.
I'm so ready for college. The first half of my senior year is done, and the second half is sure to pass just as quickly. I will for sure need this little booger. God, I love Target.

Don't ask where I found these stockings, because I do not know. All I know is that I want them. Now.

And now...for the grand finale, The dress that I find to be the most beautiful dress on the planet. I will never get to own you, but I still consider you a child of mine. This amazing, Absolutely stunning Monarch Butterfly Dress by Luly Yang has even graced the cover of Couture magazine.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ostriches, Space, Big Eared Bats, and a Sinning Jesus-Girl.

So, you know how I talk about how I loathe space. Well, this is why. It makes me think. About shit like this....HOLYSHIT.

On another note, I'd like to apologize for neglecting you, blog world. I have been so freaking stressed about the final Fall semester of my High School career.
But, today was marvelous. I woke up. It was Monday, and I thought...woah. I have NOTHING to do today!
...Nothing. It was so fantastic, that I went back to sleep!
Shortly after, I called The Lovely Miss Jordan Wilson, and she, Katie Moreland and I all went Christmas shopping. And it was the best day ever. Not because of the shopping, but because we went to Taco Bell and got food, and while eating it at a park we saw Kristen Long and a boy sucking face. I mean like....sharing a blanket and oodlecanoodling each other. They didn't even leave room for Jesus! It was fantastic.
I love Christmas break.
But, I still hate space.
And ostriches. Just look at the stupid fuck...

Oh! And! This break I have a project for Environmental Science on an endangered animal. I got the Ozark Big Eared Bat!

Check. This. Fierce. Bitch. Out.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Falling up.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
           This be my day.

I am so confused. I can't escape it. I need out... or in? I don't know what I'm feeling towards anyone, myself included. My wants, needs, hopes, and desires can't seem to separate. It's all mudding up into a mushy, stress-filled nothing. I can't even think straight. i don't know why I cry, or laugh... I don't know if I have regrets or not, I just need something. i don't know what it is. God, today just...sucks. I do know of one thing I really want... Bagpipes.
I love the sound of bagpipes.

                                                I fucking hate space.     But, tonight. I feel like I'm there.

And, how about these stupid fucks?

Fucking Ostriches.

I wish I could ride one right now.

That'll be all.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Good evening all. :) This weekend will be super busy, so I can't promise pictures or posts, it's the week before finals and I'm stressed beyond all recogniton. Bagpipes and Pianos make me happy. Going to my happy place. Goodnight. :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good morning!! I just arrived at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas! The drive was fun, cold, and flat! Like the rest of Kansas! I had my boyfrend take some pictures of the drive and the cute little town of Winfield! I'll be sure to have them up tomorrow. :) Today should be fun!! It's just cold and I'm wearing tights! Gahh!

Everything's up to date in Kansas City.

Hello again :)
Well work tonight was alright... I just wish I didn't work so much, I mean, I'm never going to find time to do my Senior Paper! I'm doing a research paper over Dante's Inferno and Marxist Criticism. I love my paper and the book, just not the due dates. I can never find the time to work on it, plus my English Teacher is crazy. 

Aside from all of that jazz, I am super excited for tomorrow, because I'm going to KANSAS! Yay! I'm going to Winfield, KS to visit my future school that I will be attending in the Fall of 2011. I could not be happier with my choice of college! I love the school, the people and the dedication to creating a relationship with the students that aspire to attend. It's called Southwestern College. I will be double majoring in Theatre and English. 

I'm Stoked! And now I need to work a bit on my paper before I head to bed :) Sorry about the lack of pictures today... I never dress up on the weekends, I only work, and there's nothing cute about my Walgreen's uniform. 

But, here's a webcam picture of me and my SC lanyard.
I'm so anxious for tomorrow!!!

I promise to take pics on the beautiful campus of SC!

Goodnight <3

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Make- up Blogging.

 Good Morning Bloggers!!!!
Okay, so here are the pictures from Thursday that I promised! To the left and at the bottom of this post is the Lovely Miss Jordan Wilson.

"That's not smittens..."
 And here again is Sarah, she's so delicate and beautiful.
I love her attention to detail in all of her outfits.
But, so complex :)

Gorgeous <3
 She finds the best shoes... I need to learn from her. I have NO shoes.

"I don't wear shoes...?"
 The nicest person you'll ever meet, Ellie!!!
She's so pretty and nice, she's like a mother figure to me! :)

 I love the pattern of this top and the marvelous earrings!

                This is Thursday's outfit.

I must say, I love this outfit. I felt creative putting it together.

"You look like a little French sailor!"
                                                                            Tights from online :)
I'll never be good at the whole "Blog Pic" posing thing. :)
 Necklace : Forever 2
This is Callie and Sam, two peas in a pod! And Herbivores! yay!

                                                                Ellie and Sarah at Lunch!
 Callie Burrows.
Nice Boobs.

                                                                     Oh, she's smart too. Awesome.
 The Miss I mentioned above, Jordan Wilson!
                                                              So freaking gorgeous.
                                                         All of these are 100% unedited.

She's Tall, Pretty, and has the most amazing outfits.
Need I say more?
                                  Gloves. That. I. Want.