Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Auditions, Sinus Infections, and Snow.

Good morning...or evening...which is it now? Oh, it's evening...right.

Well, it's been awhile I guess...I've been sick all week :/ Sinus Infection, Upper Respiratory, right? No. Last weekend was a blast however, despite the illness. I went to a sort of "dance party" thing with some of my best friends. We had a great time, and I cannot wait til' I'm eighteen and can go to clubs all the time. Fun stuff, yo. Also this week were auditions for this year's musical, Little Shop of Horrors. I did the dance audition on Monday, even though I felt like poo. I sat and watched the vocals on Tuesday, and planned to sing on Wednesday, but well, it's Wednesday, and I'm not singing about anything. :/ Instead, I stayed home all day sleeping, sinus-washing, nose-blowing, soup drinking, crying, and watching Schindler's List and The Social Network. Both great movies, by the way. I hope I'm well enough to go back tomorrow, no matter how much I'd rather stay OUT of the 7 degrees weather. My high school has an outdoor campus, sort of like a college, so walking to class with a wind chill below zero is not pleasant. When I was a kid, snow was fun, not it's just slower driving, colder cars, being sick, and frozen hair in the morning. Boo.
Obviously when I'm sick, I'm not going to dress all cute and go take blog pics in the snow, so I took some with my web cam reppin' the Michael Jackson tee. Baha. Enjoy :)

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  1. i see in your last picture the notebook, i love that movies ... I've seen it 5 times before and i think that i'll watch it again... so beautiful
    hope you're feeling better!